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Many of the museum pieces are scanned
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About museum

Navigator4D offers a virtual visit of the Latenium, Archaeology Park and Museum at Hauterive-Neuchatel (Switzerland). You can view the archaeological objects that were created in the Park (originals and reconstructions) and explore in 3D mode various exhibition halls. The finds tell the story of our ancestors, from the Middle Ages to the Neanderthal period : an amazing journey through 50 000 years!

Yesterday: between the Mediterranean and the North Sea. Travelling back in time through the archaeology of Neuchatel. The exhibition is divided into eight parts, situated on two levels, and takes visitors on a fascinating journey from recent to ancient times. It is based on a unique collection of artefacts found during land and underwater excavations in the canton of Neuchatel from the 19th century to the present day.

The Park

Lying on the south face of the Jura Mountains, the Latenium discovery Park is a perfect place for a stroll. It tells the story of the shores of Lake Neuchatel and its people, from the end of the Wurm Ice Age until today. Several different landscapes on display, from tundra to present-day agricultural land, show the climatic and enviromental changes which the Neuchatel region went through since the of the Ice Age. Furthermore, full size reconstructions and authentic archaelogical artefacts are presented in the park, bringing prehistory to life!

4D virtual copy of the Museum

With our 4D-application You can virtually
explore unique Latenium museum

4D Virtual Visit

We have created full virtual 3D copy of Latenium museum and give to all computer users possibility to visit this beautiful museum, which is the diamond of Neuchatel region. Two levels with numeric of halls of the museum contain numerous showcases and unique archeological 3D objects and artefacts, retracing the long history of prehistoric Human during 50000 years. The 4D-application avaible on several languages. Also You can use virtual guide for exploring of museum halls and collection in interactive animated mode.

4D Virtual museum Collection

We have scaned in 3D many unique objects from museum collection. Using our 4D-application about Latenium museum, You can surf through set of unique archaeological artefacts, stone sculptures, a lot of maquettes and objects. Also we reconstructed in 3D all museum interiors and exterior. Therefore You can visit whole exhibition virtually in photorealistic quality with our 4D-application Latenium 4D Virtual Visit. The application avaible on english, french and german languages.