Will the 4D virtual Museum replace a visit to a real museum, and does our real museum need a virtual 4D museum?

  • Developed by our company virtual 4D-museums are not a substitute for Your Museum. No virtual visit is a substitute for a real visit and contact with cultural heritage. more...
    • But we can create for Your Museum unique and innovative "tool" that helps to bring Your Museum up to a huge number of people throughout the world and to discover more of it. Since 4D is a Museum that we are creating, your visitors can carry it away with them (on DVD-ROM or USB), it will always remain with them, their families and their friends. Like a good book in your library.Even before the visit to the real Museum a visitor can see a collection of your museum in advance, with the location of the rooms and the whole structure of the museum, both inside and outside. We also show the way of entrance to the Museum and the location of interesting and important objects of the surrounding city/area.

      The 4D virtual museum will take Your museum to the people living far away in other countries and continents, people who are not able to come to the country of your museum, people with reduced mobility, for whom every journey is very difficult. For all these people your museum created by our company in the format of a virtual 4D museum will provide the entire opportunities.

Our virtual 4D museum will be able to increase the number of visitors to your museum and bring your museum anywhere in the world and to the young audience.

  • Today, almost all the information resources are concentrated and are being developed on the Internet. Since one of the main promotion and distribution channels of our 4D-museums is the Internet, more...
    • we will be able to communicate your virtual 4D museum created by our company via the Internet to a huge number of people, thereby increasing the popularity of your museum and a number of visitors. Today young people are difficult to be taken to the museum, so your museum in the new innovative 4D-format will attract the attention of a younger audience aged 15 to 35. Apart from selling virtual 4D-museums, created by us in the museums themselves (DVD-ROM and USB), we also create a downloadable version (for PC and MAC) and a version for tablets (iOS and Android), very popular with young people.

Using virtual spaces we are solving the problem of exhibition space shortage to display all the museum's exhibits.

  • When creating your 4D-museum with our 4D technology, we can reproduce not only virtual 3D copies of actual buildings and halls with your museum's collections, but will also be able to create a non-existent virtual 3D space (halls and buildings), more...
    • in which we will be able to place 2D and 3D scanned exhibits and paintings that are stored in your archives. Thus, the 4D virtual museum is able to show your entire collection and open it to the world.

Virtual 3D copies of the exhibits. An online catalog of 3D and 2D objects in the collection of your museum.

  • While creating a virtual 4D museum, we scan your collection in 3D with a high precision and textures. This allows you to always keep accurate virtual 3D copies of the exhibits and use them not only to create an interactive 4D museum, more...
    • but also for any purposes. Having these 3D models, you obtain the possibility of creating 3D replicas (copies) of your exhibits in any magnitude.

      Creating an interactive catalogue of 3D and 2D objects in the collection along with a search for this directory is a mandatory part of Your 4D-museum. Such a catalog search is a convenient tool when working with the collection of Your museum and it gives an additional systematization of the objects in the collection. Also each of the directory objects has a spatial reference to the hall of the museum in which it is located. This greatly facilitates the orientation of visitors in the collection and the museum's space.

Fixing 3D temporary exhibitions in Your Museum forever.

  • Creating a virtual 4D museum is a great opportunity to capture Your temporary exhibitions for ever. By entering into a long-term partnership with our company, more...
    • we can commit ourselves to scan completely all Your temporary exhibitions in 3D and to integrate them into Your 4D-museum forever.


  • When creating a virtual 4D copy of Your museum, we want visitors to your 4D-museum to have an opportunity to get acquainted with the exhibits of the museum, its description, history, etc. in their native language. more...
    • That's why we translate all your descriptions and texts into several other languages. In a while, the list of languages will be expanded and new versions of Your 4D virtual museum with a large number of languages will be released. We also give Your museum the permission to use all the texts translated by us in Your exhibition, audio guides, etc.

Increasing the number of visitors to your 4D-museum due to the synergy with other 4D-museums.

  • We create a lot of virtual 4D-museums from different countries with a large number of visitors and post the information on our web sites. So Your museum will receive a stream of users to Your 4D museum from other 4D museums made by us. more...
    • Over time, the number of visitors coming to Your 4D museum from other 4D museums (the conversion) will increase as we are constantly expanding the collection of our 4D-museums.

Constant support and updates of Your 4D virtual Museum.

  • We are interested in seeing Your Museum as our friend and partner for many years. Therefore, entering into partnership with our company to create Your 4D-Museum, You will always have the new 4D virtual version of Your Museum with the updated exposition. more...
    • We are constantly developing new functions in our 4D technology. These new features will be immediately integrated into Your 4D virtual Museum.