replica and prehistory museum

Navigate easily through the all Crotte
andPrehistory museum spases and explore
their cultural and historical heritage

3D VIEW OF CAVE and Museum collections

All Grotte Chauvet paintings and objects
are scanned with high detail and shown
in the form of 3D objects together with
their environment.

Cave replica and Prehistory museum
fully recreated in 4D VIRTUAL format

Discover a fascinating cultural journey
through all cave halls with prehistorical
drawings and Prehistory museum

The story of 4D project
The Grotte Chauvet2 in Ardeche

Navigator4D have partnership with Grotte Chauvet2 for creating of new unique innovative project "Grotte Chauvet2 4D Virtual Visit". Navigator4D company during last 2 years has performed a huge amount of 3D scanning of the building, grotte replica, prehistory museum and all objects of the Museum collection. Finally, Navigator4D have created this amazing project for public access in new Virtual 4D format. This product is an exact virtual 3D reconstruction of the unique Grotte Chauvet2, built on Ardeche, Provence. The architecture of the Grotte Chauvet2 park, buildings and interiors of the Museum have been reconstructed in 3D in precision details with 3D scaning technology and photogrammetry. All exhibit objects, stone drawings and historical heritage in the Grotte have been scanned in 3D and displayed in high quality with their detailed descriptions. Created 3D tours in several languages with detailed stories of the construction of the replica of Grotte Chauvet and interesting prehistory museum and territory around.

The Grotte Chauvet2 is the historical and cultural diamond of Ardeche region. 36 000 years ago men and women created a number of unique and deeply moving art works on the limestone walls of the Chauvet Cave, frozen for eternity within a shield of calcite and clay. Left undisturbed for tens of thousands of years, this immense natural cathedral was discovered on 18 December 1994 at Vallon-Pont-d’Arc, in Ardèche by three amateur cavers, Jean Marie Chauvet, Éliette Brunel, and Christian Hilaire.

Grotte Chauvet replica
Unique drawings in Grotte

A 29-hectare site, the Grotte Chauvet2 includes the most important replica of an ornate cave in the world, restoring the masterpieces of the Chauvet cave, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In a contemporary but discreet building, the visitor discovers, in a geological, olfactory and sound universe faithfully reproduced, the drawings and engravings left by the first artists of Humanity, 36,000 years ago: horses, lions, rhinos and many other animals, running, hunting or fighting.

Some 36 000 years later, engineers and artists accomplished a unique feat by replicating the artwork and geological context of the original cave : what is now known as the Grotte Chauvet 2 Ardèche. This extraordinary collection of paintings and engravings is now visible to all and allows the visitor to share the emotions of the original discovery.
As you enter the cave, surrounded by stalgmites and stactites, you will discover a world last visited by men ,women and cave bears, thousands of years ago. The artwork comes to life in an interplay of light and shadows and the skilful mastery of shading and perspective techniques. Hundreds of animals, representing 15 different species, that were painted ,drawn with charcoal or engraved using flint tools or fingertips.

The exact digital 4D virtual copy Grotte Chauvet2

With our 4D museum You can virtually explore
unique prehistorical and cultural diamond
Grotte Chauvet2 in details

4D Virtual Visit

We have created full virtual 3D copy of Grotte Chauvet Replica and prehistory museum bulding. Our 4D virtual museum give to all computer users possibility to visit this cultural heritage Museum, which is the historical and cultural diamond of Provence, France. The 4D-application avaible on russian, french, english and niederland languages. Also You can use virtual guide for exploring of Grotte Chauvet Replica and Prehistory museum collection in interactive animated mode.

We honored to present You the new virtual interactive 4D museum created in virtual format: the collection of prehistoric animals and artefacts. We have scan in 3D and recreated in new virtual interactive 4D format all prehistory museum space together with their collection in photorealistic quality.

4D Virtual Collection of drawings in Grotte
The collection in Prehistory Museum

The unique and outstanding universal attributes of the cave were recognised by UNESCO in June 2014 with its inscription as a World Heritage site. This jewel of a cave presents a very rare combination of three characteristics, its age, state of preservation, and the sumptuousness and abundance of the artworks: Its 1000 drawings include 425 animal figures and an unprecedented bestiary of 14 different species, most of which are dangerous animals such as cave bears, woolly rhinos, mammoths and wild cats. The cave also features some representations unique in Palaeolithic parietal art, such as a panther, owl, and the lower part of a female human body.

We have scanned in 2D and 3D in details all Grotte Chauvet2 spaces and caves, as well as all stone drawings. Also we have created in 4D the collection Prehistory museum. The collection contain the plenty of paleoplitic archaelogical interesting objects. You can explore this collection virtually in photorealistic quality with our 4D application "Grotte Chauvet2 4D Virtyal Visit".

Virtual 4D Aurignacian gallery
(Prehistory museum)

Virtual interactive 4D Prehistory
museum contains the collection of
paleolitic animals and human
artefacts organized in exposition

4D Virtual Visit of paleolitic Aurignacian gallery (prehistory museum)

Ardèche 30 000 years ago : When the earth was in the midst of an ice age, Ardèche and its surrounding countryside was home to our ancestors, but what was it like? Mammoths, lions, cave bears, and woolly rhinos will enlighten you! A captivating film, interactive touch screens, life-size woolly rhinos, mammoths, and bison from the steppes, all help you to discover the environment, flora and fauna of men and women who lived in our land 36 000 years ago.

Virtual Collection of Prehistory museum.
The Aurignacian gallery in figures

We have scanned in 2D and 3D in details all exhibits and animals of the prehistory museum. Also we have catalogize it in several languages. You can explore in details whole history of european human who lived in Provence area of France 36,000 years ago. Have a nice jurney!

- 650m² of permanent exhibition
- 6 large reconstructed animals
- 5 humans (including a child) reconstituted
- 350m² of reconstructed mineral and plant decorations
- 1 panoramic mural of 600m²
- 100 experimental archaeological objects (contextualized or presented in a display case)