Navigate easily through the all Cathedral
and Chapel spases and through museum of
Romanov's family and icons collection


All exhibition paintings and drawings
are scanned with high detail and shown
in the form of 3D objects together with
their design and environment.

2 main buildings - Cathedrale and Chapel
in our 4D VIRTUAL MUSEUM de Nice

Discover a fascinating cultural journey

The story of 4D project
The Russian St. Nicholas Cathedral in Nice

This product is an exact virtual 3D reconstruction of the unique St. Nicholas Cathedral in Nice, built on the place of the death in 1865 of Tsarevich Nicholas, the son of russian Emperor Alexander II. The architecture of the buildings and interiors of the Cathedral and the Chapel have been reconstructed in 3D. All icons and historical objects in the Cathedral have been scanned in 3D and displayed in high quality with their detailed descriptions. Created 3D tours in several languages with detailed stories of the construction of the Cathedral and the Chapel.

The church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Nice is a precious gem in the treasure-trove of Russian church architecture of the beginning of the twentieth century. It is in every sense an extraordinary work not only for the Russian abroad, but within Russia itself it may without exaggeration be compared to St. Basil’s Cathedral on Red Square or the Church of the Saviour-on-the-Blood in St. Petersburg.

Unique interior of the Cathedrale
The Tsesarevich Memorial Chapel

The church interior symbolizes the Cosmos (Universe) returned to its initial beauty and purity through the grace of the risen Christ. The interior is made up of the following areas: the front area symbolizes the Heavens: the platform (ambon); the iconostasis, with behind it, the sanctuary with the altar, where the clergy celebrates the Eucharist and the daily services; the nave, which symbolizes the Earth, and where the congregation stands. The two areas join in the praise of God during the Divine Liturgy. The iconostasis has three entrances: the Royal doors, through which only the members of the clergy may enter, and two lateral doors used by the servers during the offices.

This place was overshadowed by tragedy in 1865 when Alexander II’s eldest son Nicholas was brought her to the Bermond villa for medical treatment. The young heir and tsesarevich died in the arms of his inconsolable mother and his father who soon arrived from St. Petersburg, having celebrated Easter there on 24th April. The emperor decreed that the villa’s large parcel of land be purchased, the house where Nixa (as he was affectionally called by his family) died be demolished and in its place a memorial chapel be built. The architect was the Petersburg academician David Grimm, who designed a chapel in the Byzantine style, an exact replica of the one in Chersoneses in Sebastopol, where he had built a cathedral on the site of the baptism of prince Vladimir, founder of the state of Russia in the tenth century. The chapel was built and consecrated in 1868 in the presence of the deceased’s brother the future emperor Alexander III. Inside the chapel along its perimeter there is a marble iconostasis with twenty-two icons by the court artist Timothy (Carl Timoleon) von Neff.

The exact 4D virtual copy of the Cathedrale

With our 4D museum You can virtually explore
unique historical and cultural diamond of
Cote d'Azure in details. All exteriors and
interiors and also unique icons and artworks

4D Virtual Visit

We have created full virtual 3D copy of main buldings of this unique . Our 4D virtual museums give to all computer users possibility to visit this beautiful russian Cathedrale, which is the historical and cultural diamond of Cote d'Azure. The big collection of icons and paintings of famous russian artists. The 4D-application avaible on russian, french and english languages. Also You can use virtual guide for exploring of Cathedrale and Chapel collection in interactive animated mode.

4D Virtual museum Collection

We have scanned in 2D and 3D in details all icons and cathedral's cultural objects. The collection contain the plenty of heritage objects. You can explore this collection of Cathedrale and Chapel virtually in photorealistic quality with our 4D application "Cathedrale St. Nicholas Russe de Nice 4D".

Virtual 4D museum of Romanov's family

Virtual interactive 4D museum contains
the collection of personal belongings
of Emperor Nicolas II and the Romanov
family, created ONLY in virtual format
and displaying in Cripta - lower hall
in the Cathedral

4D Virtual Visit of Romanov's family museum

We honored to present You the new virtual interactive 4D museum created ONLY in virtual format: the collection of personal belongings of Emperor Nicolas II and the Romanov family. This unique collection is displaying in Cripta - lower hall in the Cathedral, which We have created in 4D in photorealistic quality.

Virtual Collection of Romanov's family museum

We have scanned in 2D and 3D in details all icons of the russian emigrants which was painted during more then 100 years of emigrations. Alexander's III unique military dress uniform has been scanned in great detail. Also the shirt of Alexander III, which was worn by him at the time of the fatal attempt. Traces of blood can be seen on the shirt. And today they are presented in 3D in our virtual museum. The collection also contains many personal belongings of Nicholas II and members of the royal family.