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About museum

Grande Chartreuse monastery is the head monastery of the Carthusian order. It is located in the Chartreuse Mountains, north of the city of Grenoble, in the commune of Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse (Isere), France. In 1084, Saint Hugh gave it to hermit Saint Bruno and his followers who founded the Carthusian Order. Today, visitors are not permitted at Grand Chartreuse, and motor vehicles are prohibited on the surrounding roads. However, a museum of the Carthusian order and the lives of its monks and nuns stands about two kilometers away. This renaissance building has almost the same architecture as the monastery. Completely renovated, this museum enables you to discover the monastery as if you were there and to share the faith and emotion of these monks, thanks to documents, everyday life objects, engravings, but also films and testimonials. Created in 1957, the museum has already welcomed 5,5 million visitors who came to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. It is located in the heart of the Chartreuse Mountains, only 2 km far from the monastery founded by Saint Bruno in 1084. This intentionally modern project is aimed at giving you the keys to understand the mystery of the Carthusian Order and to answer your questions about their human and spiritual life.

About Chartreuse Monastery

In the hearth of the Chartreuse Mountains, this unique site is just 2 km from the famous monastery founded by St Bruno in 1084.It was an idea of the monks themselves, and allows you to better understand the mystery of the Carthusian Order, its 900 year history, the monks' way of life and more. The present museum, located in the ancient annexe of the Chartreux Monastery, provides visitors with a wealth of insights into the monks' human and spiritual adventure. Documents, everyday objects as well as films and audiovisuals material all enable you to discover the Monastery as if you were there and to share in the faith and emotion of today's monks. This is an invitation to discover the "Great Silence".

4D virtual copy of the Museum

With our 4D-application You can virtually

4D Virtual Visit

We have created full virtual 3D copy of Museum de la Grande Chartreuse and give to all computer/internet users possibility to visit this beautiful museum, which is the diamond of Chartreuse Touristic region. The 18 virtual rooms of the museum contain numerous documents, unique 3D objects, exhibits and engravings retracing the long history of the Carthusian Order, which was founded by St Bruno in 1084. The 4D-application avaible on several languages, with sounds and music. Also You can use virtual guide for exploring of museum halls and collection in ineractive animated mode.

4D Virtual museum Collection

We have scaned in 3D many unique objects from museum collection. Using our 4D-application about Museum de la Grand Chartreuse, You can surf through set of unique wood and stone sculptures, a lot of paintings and objects from casual monks life. Also we fix in 3D and have created temporary exhibition about St.Bruno/ This exhibition took place during few months in 2015. But today You can visit this exhibition only virtually in our 4D-application. Also we have created in 4D-application another exhibition with 79 painted oil pictures of 79 another monasteries wordlwide. This unique collection also avaible only for virtual visit on several languages.